Cook a Book

Feeling inspired by 'Julie & Julia', I am preparing to choose a recipe book through which I will steadily work. I'm certainly hoping it won't be as obsessive as J&J but I do hope to encounter recipes which I continue to use again and again.

Nigella's most recent book 'Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home'. Is one I see myself returning to again again for tasty yet failsafe family food.
So far I have cooked the 'Lemony Salmon with cherry tomato couscous'. This was very tasty, even without the Orange rind and the herbs/spices being dried.
'Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes' This was sooo tasty, even with just sliced chorizo.

Having tested a couple of recipes for Vanessa Kimbell's Prepped! I am delighted to have received a signed copy from Vanessa. I have loved pouring over all the recipes in print and know that at some point I will cook every single recipe. First though I'm off to collect roses and elderflowers for the delicious 'elderflower and Rose Syrup'.

Other thoughts include:

the Devon Food Book

Being a Devonian this really is a must for my kitchen shelf.

Let me know of any recipe books you would recommend to cook through.