Sunday, 1 January 2012

Coffee Table Books

I love coffee table books. The promise of time whiled away with a favourite beverage while gazing through pages of beautiful photos is always to be looked forward to.
By [Clint] Clint McMahon

I don't actually have that many coffee table books, I find that they're a little bit of a luxury. Mostly I have bought them when travelling, or been given them as a gift when travelling, and indeed the charity shop is always a fantastic place to come across a rare find.

I even sometimes imagine the titles of Coffee Table Books that I should like to flick through. Whimsy titles might include 'Candy canes at Christmas', or one of an architectural interest might be 'Roofs across Italy'.

Indeed, time and money willing I could actually make these 'imagined' books. If I could afford a decent camera and travel the globe in search for candy canes or roofs in Italy so to take my own photos, I could then have them printed as a coffee table book by one the many photo printing websites.

One such site is, where you can make your own book, to book store quality and publish it on their website for others to buy. Something to consider anyway.

I might even make a  proverbs 31:10-31 book.

What would you make as your coffee table book?


Love, Love, Love said...

Think I would either go for my favourite beautiful home or street style images, lovely, or maybe favourite quotes/thoughts :)

Michelle said...

Now thats got me pondering? What would I like?

Georgian Architecture and furniture would deffinately have to be one, photos of them, of course.

And yes, I think another would have to be fashion throughout the last 100 years.

I won't be greedy, 2 should keep me happy for a while:)
Michelle x

Liz said...

I would love to flick through these books, I find street style images and Georgian architecture really attractive.

Thanks for commenting.