Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Reading Blogs, Baking and Running - not all at the same time!

I'm loving the opportunities and challenges that arise from reading the blogs of others.
Tomorrow I will be filling you in on the privilege that I had in testing Vanessa's Grandmothers Christmas Cake for her recipe book 'Prepped'.
This was the first Christmas cake I have ever baked, and I am so pleased to say that although it wasn't too intimidating to bake, it certainly looks and smells impressive.

Tonight I also wanted to fill you in on the book that Naskren is offering on her blog 'Little Things, Big Stuff'. The book is Melissa Fay Greene's 'There is no me without you'. It's about a women's self given work to care for AIDs affected orphans in Ethiopia.
This reminded me of the work of Agape Home in Chang Mai, Thailand. To whom I was taken by a friend when visiting her work with my church from the UK. Another work my good friend Judy is involved in is Hope Home, also in Chang Mai. Please check out their blog, although it's relatively new, it's such a good work they are doing and I know they'd be really encouraged by your visits and comments.

And lastly, I managed to get to running with the Croydon Running Sisters. I'm so glad I actually get to do the things I say I'm doing!


michelle said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog:)

Christmas cake looks good, although I cant have cake as I have Coeliac disease:( but it looks fab.

Have you had a little taste from underneath where no one can see:) and was it good?

I tried to bake gluton free bread a cuple of years ago - what a gas!! great doorstop though:)
Michelle x

Faith Imagined said...

Thanks for all the links! Sounds like some awesome ministries! I am off to check them out!

Libbie said...

I really like being challenge to be better & do more through blogging too! That is my favorite part! All the ideas I get! Glad I stopped by! i was really in the mood to visit a few new blogs tonight & I am so glad I did!

Liz said...

Michelle what a good idea - will definitely try a sneaky piece...just to check it's ok...of course!